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Published 10 Nov 2011

If you shop online, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days, then any opportunity to get discounts and cash back is going to be a welcome bonus.

This isn’t the only site offering coupon and cash back functions but there can never be enough of them as far as I’m concerned. Add to that the fact that the more sites there are the more chances of your favourite online store being included increase it becomes a win- win situation.

You have to be signed up member of course before you get the goodies but that’s free so a great start. Once you’re registered you can then search the site by store and item with filters available to help narrow down your hits. Finding what you want shouldn’t be too difficult as the site lists about 1,700 of the top 2,000 online retailers.

Each store listed has the percentage cash back on offer for purchases made via the BargainMatch website and coupon offers are listed either specifically under the heading "hot coupons" or by clicking on the all coupons button.

The mechanics are simple and similar to other sites. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for make the purchase using any available coupon and check out as normal. You may need to enter a coupon code during the transaction so it’s worth being aware of that.  You’ll get the discounted price and the store will report your purchase to BargainMatch who will then credit your account with the cash back amount.

You can request a withdrawal of your cash back balances once your account reaches $20 and the funds can either be sent via PayPal or by check. The site does however reserve the right to hang on to your cash for 30-60 days in case of item returns but how often they do this is not clear.

I can’t see what’s not to like about a site that gets you a discount and gives you cash back. Obviously it would be sensible to make sure you are actually getting a bargain through the site before committing by shopping around but in principle it’s a bit of a no brainer.

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