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Published 14 Dec 2011

There are people that steal those sheets of coupons out of the Sunday papers, you know. It's not really surprising considering the state of the economy at the moment. So much so that its the first time since i was a kid that I can remember people really taking those coupons, deals and promotions seriously. And it's a serious business keeping track of all those deals and making sure you use them before they expire. BargainSwoop is a shopping and saving app that no only delivers the latest bargains but also makes sure you use them before their time is up.

BargainSwoop is a free website that provides a new and convenient way to connect people to the latest bargains, deals, coupons and promotions from hundreds of online retailers. There's no need to fill out forms, create an account or join a mailing list because the website is open to everyone. Timing is very important with the modern day coupon as most expire in a matter of days or hours. Other coupon websites rely on their users to supply their content which takes time and results in numerous expired deals. BargainSwoop's listings are updated instantly with newsletters directly from retailers so you can find the best deals before it's too late. The front page allows you to view the most recent newsletters (sortable by retailer category) and an extensive retailer list allows you to see current and past newsletters from individual retailers.

They'll be bringing back green stamps soon. Do you remember those? Reams and reams of stamps that you had to lick and stick in books which you could then redeem for gifts. I can still remember the taste. BargainSwoop is pretty much the equivalent of those in that clever shoppers would search out the best deals and use them to get the best deals available. I'm all in favor of anything that saves money. If companies are prepared to give these deals away then it's only fair that I get involved to legitimize them. Seriously though, you can save a lot of money with these deals if you use them properly. BargainSwoop is a fine shopping and saving tool that's trying to save you money. Give em a hand will you.


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