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Time gentlemen please!

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Published 28 Jan 2012

Dear oh dear, whatever next? I guess I’m getting a bit too old for new crazes in the pubs and bars of the world but just reading the developers blurb for this one gives a strong enough hint that the art of conversation and personal interaction is sadly on the way out. There is obviously a market for something like this as the site points out what we all know already. That is on that many a night out with a group of friends at least half of them will spend more time tapping away at their cell phones than taking part in a discussion. Well, my friends wouldn’t because they wouldn’t be invited if that’s what they get up to!

So the answer to the problem of course is to give these socially shy individuals a platform to interact digitally within the establishment they happen to be in. Imagine if you will the giant screens up above the bar where you can have your text message flashed across the room.

The site encourages flirting but to be honest I think most  people would consider that approach to be weird at best and certainly cowardly at worst. What would the relationship have going for it if a successful union was made? With conversation dying out they’d probably have to take their mobile phones back to the same bar to discuss the kid’s education!

Sorry to be such an old fogey on this one but a night out with friends can surely be enjoyed without resorting to the phone. If not why go out at all, just crack a beer open at home and text all your chums.

On the plus side I suppose you could use it to order a round of drinks and save the time it takes queuing up!


Time Gentlemen please! 

PS - (Admin) This reminds me of a bar in West End London in the pre-cellphone '80's where each table had a telephone which could be used to call any other table. Obviously, the boys called the girls and the girls checked the boys out and hung up - well, they did with me anyway :-( 


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