Developer description

By 2020, business software will be radically different. Leveraging new, transformational technologies, Base is paving the way by building the next generation of CRM software. Our mission is to make you and your team 10x more productive.

The fundamental problem with other CRM software is that people don't use it. When you think about the amount of effort required compared to the minimal value CRM software adds, it shouldn't really surprise you.

It’s frustrating because you know what you need from your CRM software. You need a CRM that connects your team, tracks your sales, helps you manage customer relationships and gives you clear, meaningful insights. It’s not complicated.

Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

That’s why we created Base, the only CRM that was built for people. People who want to spend time on growing their business, not on entering data into their business software.

And we believe your CRM should be amazing.

No, really. Amazing. In the last few years, incredible technologies were introduced—big-data analytics, cloud computing, and the mobile revolution, just to name a few. With advances like these, you shouldn’t have a CRM that makes your team a little more productive. You should have a CRM that makes you 10x more productive.

Last updated 25 Sep 2013