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Ever tried to juggle a limited budget, debate over location bookings, and argue over competing decoration and theme ideas, all while using different platforms to communicate with multiple people "helping" plan the event? Our mission at BashBLOK is to put the fun back into the function by creating a single destination to seamlessly plan and manage any event…from birthday parties to the black-tie wedding.

Unlike most social sites, BashBLOK aims to streamline the planning process to save time and keep the details in one place. The application combines social convenience, idea sharing, and practical management tools such as task and budget tracking to simplify the event planning process. Party planners and DIYers finally have a single platform to help make planning their next event a piece of cake!

Why plan with BashBLOK?
BashBLOK makes planning a piece of cake-
Planning an event should be just as fun as the celebration itself. With BashBLOK, you can finally enjoy organizing the bash! Our user experience provides the easiest and most collaborative way to manage all of your events.

BashBLOK is perfect for the social butterfly-
Managing details and organizing critical tasks is a snap! Regardless of your planning style, BashBLOK can be customized to suit the needs of any user.

Hash your bash with BashBLOK-
Communicating with co-planners and vendors is centralized in one location versus multiple forums. With BashBLOK, inspiration, collaboration, and management of your bash is organized into one place. BashBLOK’s communication tool allows organizers to collaborate on all aspects of the bash, from sharing inspiration to finalizing details.

BashBLOK is right on the money-
BashBLOK’s budget tracking system categorizes transactions to avoid spending surprises and monitors expenses down to the penny. With BashBLOK, you'll know exactly how spending decisions affect your bash budget.

Last updated 8 Mar 2017

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