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Developer description

BatchBook is an easy-to-use contact management system designed with small businesses in mind. And it can be customized depending on your unique business needs to help you grow and manage your business.

Keep track of all your business contacts (customers, vendors, contractors or anyone else you do business with)
Customize your info by creating a template that works best for you
“Drag and drop” interface means it’s easy to learn and use
Log communications with your contacts including email, phone or in-person
Track calls, meetings or other information to create a standardized, easily retrievable record
Helps create a holistic profile of your business relationships
Track delivery dates, upcoming events and other information relevant to your business
Set prompts for important dates such as deadlines or birthdays
Deepen existing business relationships and foster new ones by adding follow-up information for your contact records.

Last updated 19 Aug 2010