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Online marketing meets the social network

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BeamSnap is a revolutionary online marketplace. With a "Twitter-like" design, BeamSnap allows ... More

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Published 23 Dec 2011

BeamSnap is a revolutionary free online marketplace that utilizes the strengths and advantages of selling sites like eBay and the social interaction of the social networking experience. Here is a marketplace app that provides a platform for it's members to share, buy and sell specific products. One of the best things about BeamSnap is that every product has an equal chance of getting promoted to fellow members and followers no matter whether they are cheap or expensive.
BeamSnap is unlike any other social networking site. What makes it different from sites like eBay and iOffer is that it is basically a social marketplace. The site focuses on making money via it's social networking platform. The main benefit being that it helps people cut down on the amount of time they spend online searching for products. Members can now buy and sell online whilst they open the door to new friends and associates - not to mention the most recent products and gadgets. They can now beam or share their products and start earning big bucks from it. Every user is provided with a platform wherein they can follow other sellers and get the latest deals available from them. The purpose of the site is to make it easy and bring convenience to sellers in marketing their products. Product commissions are much lower than other competitor sites making it a cost effective way of selling a product. If your item doesn't sell then you pay nothing. It offers...