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Online marketing meets the social network

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Published 23 Dec 2011

[cont'd] low final value fees and no other fees are deducted in the event of no sales. Sellers can also import their ratings and items from other online marketplaces like eBay.  It's not only sellers who benefit from this site but also buyers as well. Buyers get the chance to be informed about new products right after they launch.
Here is a brand new way of looking at the online marketplace with it's Twitter-like ability to interact, share and follow your favorite sellers. Members can 'beam' their favorite deals with their friends and followers on their favorite social networks. There's even a commission when a sale ismade through their individual link. So why use BeamSnap ahead of other proven sellers like eBay? Well, for a start, there are no listing fees whatsoever and if you don't sell you don't pay anything. Secondly, if you beam your products properly to your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook you will have a better chance of selling. Finally if you wish you can transfer all your product over from eBay just by entering your eBay credentials. BeamSnap takes the art of selling to a different level.