Developer description

Bean is a free personal finance app that helps you achieve massive savings, without having to sacrifice the things you love! How? By focusing on the easily overlooked recurring payments that leave your bank account automatically every month.

Bean strips out your day-to-day spending so you can see every contract, easily. And it doesn't stop there! Found something you no longer want? Bean can cancel that - all without you ever having to speak to another annoying customer service agent! Bills to expensive? We'll help you find and switch to a better deal quickly.

Almost half a billion pounds is wasted every single month in the UK alone on unused subscriptions. And it's no wonder! Between busy lives and complicated bank statements, it's difficult to keep track of every contract you've got. Let Bean help you see what you're actually spending and so you can take control of your savings.

Bean users are already seeing savings of up to £1600 a year! How much could you be saving? Join today and find out.

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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