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Published 1 Dec 2011

If you’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand and develop your business then no doubt you have experienced all of the joys of cold calling and flogging yourself around conferences and trade fairs. Neither of these solutions represents a cheap option and in a lot of cases won’t even provide a solution but there is a better way to project your businesses requirements to a very wide audience without even leaving your office.

BeanSprout has been developed to help businesses find the right sort of partnerships to aid growth on a mutual basis. You may be looking for new products to add to your existing range or conversely you may be looking for resellers to expand your market. Any kind of business opportunity can be posted to the site and all have the potential to be seen by thousands of fellow business people.

By registering as a member you’ll be joining another business network that might have similar characteristics to LinkedIn but has a greater capacity to facilitate specific opportunities. By describing your requirement in as much detail as you can those on the lookout will quickly be able to identify if it’s a good fit for them. Even if it subsequently isn’t then by a simple click on the ˈshareˈ button they can share the opportunity with their entire network of trusted business friends boosting the chances of eventual success.

For an easier search experience opportunities can be posted under a number of tags and categories...