Developer description

Working is hard. Working with team and clients is double hard. Endless tasks lists, emails, spreadsheets, reports, just... ugh. Why it can't be just simple and fun, right? Well, now it can.

Beat is super simple and easy to use project management tool. Originally made for design and development studios, where amount of tasks are overwhelming and reports are critical. We took every problem that teams can face and turned it into solution. And here's what it looks like:

- Tasks are placed within milestones(project stages), so you won't face the mess again
- Milestones are shown in a beautiful timeline, so you can plan big. Years ahead big.
- Dashboard and automated reports are here cover your back in progress tracking and... reports
- Powerful messenger for everything: activity tracking, ideas discussion and creating new tasks right from conversation
- File sharing for anything you need. As well you can reuse your files all over the project
- Secure and Private projects by default. What shouldn't be found, won't be found
- Feed with updates and messages from all of your projects

As a result, we have powerful planner, tracker and timesaver for you and your amazing team.

Last updated 16 Oct 2018

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