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Give yourself movie-star looks with this great little photoshop

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Published 28 Apr 2013

[cont'd] to remove acne, blemishes and any other skin imperfections to give your skin that perfect look. Brighten and enlarge your eyes or change your eye color and add mascara to look even more attractive. Whiten your teeth or tint your lips for a shining smile and slim your face or reshape your body the to the way you want it.
Some guys might take issue with me for saying that BeautyPlus was designed with girls in mind because they spend as much time on their skin as females do. But, in my defense, the app is very pink so I'm figuring... The fact is, whatever your sexuality, this app is an excellent one for smartening up your portraits and freshening up your appearance. It will be superb for the actors and models amongst us who want to present themselves in their best light - and get rid of those bloodshot eyes and skin blemishes that we all have. They're just more noticable in the close-up portrait. So forget your sexual preferences and take advantage of this great little free photo editor that will keep you looking your best and put your best face forward.