Developer description

A social video sharing app where users share a 15 second video so friends can add their video to the group beating or collaborating with the original

BeBirbal is aiming to make social activities and challenges a global collaboration. Put simply - capture a 15 second video, share with your friends and ask them to add their version to the group or beat the original. Imagine watching and competing against beer mat challenges happening in London, New York and Tokyo, or contribute to last year’s viral phenomenon, the Ice Bucket Challenge.

BeBirbal makes video engagement and video collaboration easier by videos manually grouped together. It will allow users to watch related videos so that for instance users could've watched all the Ice Bucket Challenge contributions including friends, followers and even people like Bill Gates' and Mark Zuckerberg's challenge. Users can follow a group so any new addition will appear in their feed.

BeBirbal solves the problem of dispersed videos across a scattered platform like YouTube, allowing you to video reply to the original and making video sharing fun and engaging. To give it an extra social spin, you can follow any group so that new additions appear in your feed.
BeBirbal is very excited to be part of prestigious start up programs including Facebook’s FbStart, Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace and is currently in soft launch on the apple app store.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015