Developer description

Beep is a fast, fun, and easy way to connect with others with the power of voice. Create a Beep, a short audio recording, on your mobile phone then share it with the world or just a few close friends using our App. Try it. We’re sure you’ll love it. Beep is very easy to use. Just hold the record button to start and release when done. A user can listen to anyone they want without any complicated requests.
Many artists, personalities, and celebrities have starting using Beep to make personal connections with the public. Many brands and organization have started using beep too. They use it to share important information quickly. Some things are too important to say with just text. Sharing with feeling and heart needs a voice. Beep works with your existing Facebook account to find people you know and like, but that is just to get you started. You can follow anyone on Beep. Beeps can be heard in public feeds or in private chats.
Beep was made by Pieter Parker and Nick Barth - two developers from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pieter and Nick have been together for nearly a year to bring Beep into the world, and they hope you’ll try it for yourself. Beep is now a growing company committed to giving everyone the ability to connect with people and ideas in a personal and intimate way. We believe that voice is the key to instantly conveying an emotional idea.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015