Developer description

Beer-Me is a new app that is constructed around the great past time of drinking. This app allows you to create a profile that tells other users what your about and where you love to spend Saturdays drinking with the boys. When you want to get the boys out on the town just simply select a time and location in the easy-to-use message page and they will receive a notification with a luring message on which is bound to get them out. And then if there down they simply press the "I'm down button" which will always happen without a doubt. The app was designed to be as easy to use as possible as each user can have unlimited friends and send unlimited messages and receive them.

Each profile is easily customizable to the user’s preference. To get the most out of Beer-Me each user should insist their friends download it as it works best with groups of friends. For each user to show of how much they love the booze every profile has a score which increases by one every time they send or receive a message, so a high score indicates one solid person. So, if this appeals to you or not give it ago.

Last updated 18 Oct 2021

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