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Editor's review

Published 8 Sep 2012

There's no doubt that the two effects that dominate the field of photosharing right now. The first is the Instagram style of photo 'warping' and the other is grouping lots of related photos together into one larger image. Both can be achieved by using a good image editing software but both benefit from using apps that are specifically developed for the purpose. You wouldn't attempt creating an Instagram-style photo on your regular software and likewise with a photo collage maker. Beezmap's Online Photo Collage Maker creates attractive photo collages simply, easily and completely free.
A collage is basically the blending of multiple images to create an incorporated piece of art. For example, some collages include images that are made by merging the body parts of different people to create a new personality. It is about inserting several images together that have a common theme for producing a large picture. Photo collage maker is an interesting tool that is specially developed for making stunning, unique and expert-looking photo collages. It doesn't matter whether you are an amateur or a professional because this photo collage app makes it simple to create photographic collage masterpieces quickly and easily and without having to have a college degree in web design. Beezmap Online Photo Collage Maker allows you to make lovely collages with ready made templates  or you can test your creative skills and make them on your own. Alternatively, look through the squillions of previously created collages to see what other people are up to. Copy your newly made collage masterpieces and share them on your social media website - you can make a great Facebook Timeline collage pretty easily that will amaze your friends. Or use them as a great photo collage of your holiday experience on your blog or website. Alternatively, print them out and laminate them - they make great personalized gifts.
I'm a great believer in selecting the correct tool for the job and Beezmap is a photo collage maker that will produce some great looking designs. This photo collage maker app is a set of tools where you can easily customize your pictures and create exclusive photo collages. Taking photographs is a fun way of remembering your memories forever and Beezmap helps you remember them just that much more attractively.

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