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SDL BeGlobal is a translation-as-a-service API that is revolutionizing translation by making ... More

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Published 28 Jul 2013

SDL has been one of the leaders in translation for the last twenty years and its this reputable team are now introducing a language translation application known as SDL BeGlobal.  The app uses both machine and human translation to give the most reliable translation service to cover a massive amount of languages and dialects. While there are plenty of other translation apps there aren't many where you can choose between simple translations of regular languages and actual human translation of the least well known. BeGlobal is a cost effective way of translating everything from apps to tweets and everything in between and slots nicely into your existing business software.
SDL BeGlobal  is a translation-as-a-service API that is revolutionizing translation by making multilingual content capabilities easily accessible to every industry and for every use imaginable. Powered by SDL, the leader in professional translation and language technology for over 20 years, SDL BeGlobal offers both best-in-class machine translation or “good, better, best” professional human translation for the more obscure languages or dialects. Based on cost, quality and turnaround time requirements, BeGlobal offers excellent value for money through a simple self-service translation API. SDL BeGlobal easily integrates into any existing business software and provides in-context translation capabilities directly to the end users of any application that connects with the content.  By offering a choice of professional translation options and the most advanced technology, BeGobal ensures  the content is translated to the highest standards as well as economically and quickly...