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Bellstrike lets nonprofits set up an attractive, donation-enabled, and easily-updated website in ... More

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Published 23 Oct 2011

If you are going to set up a nonprofit and donation enabled website there's absolutely no reason for it to look shabby. Organizing staff need help but don’t always have the knowledge or big budget to seek it out. Truth is, most people who start nonprofit organizations are really passionate about their mission though not so much when it comes to technology, web design or fundraising. That’s where Bellstrike comes in. They are passionate about all of that and want to help small nonprofit organizations free their time and energy to fulfill their missions. With domain design tools like Bellstrike around you can create a great looking and fully charged website and have it up and running within 5 minutes. They charge nothing for this service but they do take a percentage of donations which is capped at an absolute maximum of US$80 per month.
Bellstrike lets nonprofit philanthropy organizations set up an attractive, donation-enabled and easily-updated website in under five minutes. There are no signup fees or monthly charges though Bellstrike charges a percentage of donations but caps its charges at a maximum of US$80 per month. Having a great website with online giving is becoming the norm these days and is becoming more and more important to optimize your donations. $15 billion of the $229 billion that individuals give to nonprofit organizations annually comes from online benefactions. What's more,  it’s growing at over 40% a year (and growing fastest for really small nonprofit organizations.) Studies show that online donations are like a gateway drug; they lead to larger and more frequent gifting,  both online and off. Bellstrike lets you instantly accept online donations as well as creating  gift catalog that represents all your needs so people can “shop” for donations.

Bellstrike is a marvelous domain design tool for the philanthropists amongst us who want to take their small time benefactorial skills to a higher level. The tools it delivers are the ones you will need to design a professional website that you can update easily whenever you want. You can create immediate online donations and create a handsome looking gift catalog to for your customers to 'buy' their donations. Bellstrike is an easy to use and free app that any non profit organization would be silly not to look at.

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