Developer description

Bert Saves the Earth will endlessly entertain your child with adorable animals they control while educating them on simple actions to protect the planet and reduce utility bills.

- Your child discovered his/her role in taking care of the planet.
- Your kids daily activities (brushing teeth, showering, recycling, etc) are turned into environmental impacts than can understand.
- Cute animals illustrated the action. Which will be your child’s favorite?
- Strengthens your messages of “Think about your actions” though “Cause and Effect Learning!”
- Game play covers 5 interactive scenes, 30 baby animal pictures, and an animated song.
- Narrated in: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, 
Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
- This app can actually pay you as your child’s play turns into good, utility saving habits in the future.
Depending on the decisions made in the game, the animals thrive or fight to survive…
And the behaviors reinforced are good for your pocket book too.
For example:
- T- Turn off the lights if you're not using them, so the polar bears can have snow.
- Turn off the tap, so the horse can drink water.
- Shower fast, so the ducks can swim.
- Ride your bike as cars contaminate.
- Don't throw away plastic bags, so turtles don't eat them!
Enjoy this cheerful roleplaying game where your child saves the Bear, Dog, Horse, Turtle and Chickens. It’s easy and fun to be the Hero in this game: the player will explore a variety of easy tasks to save the five different animals at his own pace. Play Bert Saves the Earth and see how can help the animals to thrive. Bear is stranded on melting ice; turtle is eating plastic bags;, horse is very thirsty; and much more.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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