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Berta is a free and simple website creation app. Build a portfolio or a website for your small ... More

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Published 15 Mar 2012

I'm sure there are lots of you out there who have thought about putting a website together for a product or your business or even a personal one, if it comes to that. I bet many of you gave up because it was too hard or too expensive. Well, you can toss those ideas out of the window now because bertaCMS solves those problems simply and easily. This web design application comes with everything you need to start up your very own website and present an online presence to take into the new millennium.
bertaCMS is a free, open source and simple website creation app or, to give it its proper name, a content management system. It allows you to build a portfolio or a website for your small business quickly and easily. It can be anything from a small business in Louisville to a fashion label in London to a nursing school in India. bertaCMS lets you set up your site in few minutes, then design and edit directly into a browser window. To make your life complete you can even add a simple shop and sell your goods online. Either download it for free or host your own bertaCMS website on their servers where you dont have to worry about updates or backups. There are five main features to bertaCMS. Firstly, designing and editing is made easy – simply login and click on an element to edit it. You can drag and drop almost anything. They have something called a Messy template which is especially flexible letting you align everything in a grid or let it be a mess –  it's up to you. Add text using any webfont from Google or keep it simple by using safe system fonts. Then just connect your own domain name whether it is existing or new, even if its just for a trial website. No database is needed as all data is stored in files. It really couldnt be a lot simpler.
So there really isn't any excuse anymore. Website design just became very easy to do and, if you use bertaCMS as your host it will set you back under €20 per year all inclusive. If you want to include the shop element to sell your goods online it's another €10 per month. Add prices to your products, hold promotions with coupons and customize various payment methods and  shipment costs to different regions and taxes. But, what are you listening to me for.  If you are quick, you can trial it for free for 30 days - everything included and that means the shop element too.

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