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This wonderful android application will let you dumbstruck with its utmost speed and build quality of displaying top breaking news from all over the world. Thousands of articles will be spinning around your smart phone including full contents and links to the original posts...
Read news and articles from top websites like (Inspiring TED TALKS, The Periodic Table - Videos, BBC NEWS, THE NEWYORK TIMES, HUFFINGTON POST, THE TMZ, THE DAILY BEAST, THE TIMES OF INDIA, GIZMODO, LIFE HACKER, MASHABLE, THE ECONOMIC TIMES, THE BUSINESS INSIDER, ENGADGET) all at one place from within this limitless convenient application. Recieve all Google News with more than 10 different sections including Health, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Computer Gaming & Software, World, Top Stories and much more!!
Special features -
♠ Switch between the themes - Light and Dark Theme
♠ Top Sites - Run Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and WikiHow from the app
♠ Sync only with WiFi - Choose whether you want to sync only when WiFi is on
♠ FAQs - High quality support feature with screenshots for each problem
♠ All Unreads - Find all your unread news articles at one place
♠ Easy Navigation - Easily Navigate through all the news sources with handy Navigation Bar
♠ Handy Notifications - Receive Push notifications of new articles and news at your specified intervals
♠ Google News - All Google News along with different news sections at one place
♠ Compatible Widget - Put the Best News Reader's widget on your home screen and select the size you want.
♠ Sync Now Option - Sync any time at your own wish.
♠ Switch Layout - Re-arrange articles in Grid view or in List view
♠ Delete All/ Delete All Read - Delete all read/unread articles at one click
♠ Sort By - Sort all the articles in numerous ways
♠ Share Articles- Share your favourite articles with your friends
♠ Simply Pull to Refresh
♠ Multi-Language News Reader - Change the Language of the UI in over 60 International Languages And much more...!!
HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS FREE APP! This app is also commonly known as BNR or RSS Feed Reader

Last updated 22 Mar 2015

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