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Bible Stones is one of the best free Bible reader software available on the market. It gives you the opportunity to read the word of God with ease and comfort, with a state of the art UI and an easy-to-use navigation. In this version "Armenian Ararat" and "Russian Synodal" Bible translations are available. In the future releases more translations will be added, as we are geared toward helping every user achieve comfortable Bible studying in their native language.
* VERY FAST NAVIGATION between Bible books, chapters and verses.
* Put a book ribbon to remember where you left off and after you come back just open the list of book ribbons from the left menu and select the one you want to continue reading.
* Configure a grid or table view mode for every chooser separately (for instance, book chooser can be in table view mode, chapter chooser in grid view mode, and verse chooser in table view mode)
* Easily navigate to next and previous chapters
* Change font size and line spacing easily
Very efficient and fast search of text in the Bible. Just tap the search icon and enter one or several words. Our search algorithm will instantly bring the number of occurrences of your search text and will also suggest similar words to search for. After tapping the result you'll see the verses in which the search text occurs and the search text will be highlighted. Tap the verse and you'll be able to read it in the context of the whole chapter.
* Easy verse selection – you are not bound to select just one verse or only contiguous verses, you can pick verses from wherever you want.
* Phrase selection – when holding finger on the word for longer, you can manually select a portion of the text.
* Copy selected verses – when selecting verses you can copy those to clipboard, and the selection will be automatically transformed into intuitive readable format. You can paste the text in the Notes app, for instance.
* Social integration - you can share the selected verses straight to your social accounts.
* Easily project the selected verses to an external display using AirPlay(available for iPad only) – you can either use special VGA/HDMI/DVI adapters to connect iPad to an external screen, or use AppleTV. When the verses are projected on an external display, you can easily change font size and line spacing from within your iPad.
This is a cool tool, especially for preachers.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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