Developer description

The "Bichon Tips” app, available for Android and soon for Apple, has many great features that Most Bichon Frise dog owners would appreciate. The app provides written tips and tools to assist owners of the dog breed, Bichon Frise that is published regularly on the My Bichon Frise website at: This content offers pet advice and practical tips that Bichon owner’s can put into practice immediately. Some of this content is even featured on If you don’t have time to read the articles, there is an audio version available in the app for your convenience so you can listen to the same content at your leisure.

The app also promotes the book “Bichon Frise Unique Among Dogs.” The Amazon, five start rated book, supplies Bichon Frise enthusiasts with great tools and tips to assist them in raising their Bichon Frise. The book is not only valuable for new owners, but current owners as well.

The app also offers two special features. A “Live Album” and an “Instagram” feature. The live album feature allows users to add new and older photos for your dog right from your cell phone or tablet. You can choose to take a picture or simply upload a picture that you already have on your device. The “Instagram” feature allows you to share your favorite photos and comment.

Finally there is a contact us feature that permits our customers to comment and offer helpful suggestions that would assist us in improving the app and website.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015