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Big Bite Soccer is the first 3D synchronous multiplayer football game and manager on Facebook. Join competitive leagues and cups, play casual matches and arrange tournaments. The game revolves around playing ranked matches against other gamers, in a richly colored 3D environment that appeal to players of any age. Big Bite Soccer is heavily inspired by arcade games such as Kickoff and Sensible Soccer. You control a single footballer at a time, and can play either 1v1 in ranked matches or up to 10v10 in party mode! Big Bite Soccer sets itself apart from other games, by being the first 3D synchronous multiplayer sports game on Facebook. Its unique manager side allows you to unfold your creativity by customizing the footballers’ appearance and influence match gameplay by tweaking their individual stats, creating custom formations and set pieces, as well as buying a variety of boost items.

Last updated 18 May 2013

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