Developer description

BigBoard is a team dashboard that distills the data from the tools you use everyday into smart dashboards. With curated views into what's going on, your whole team can stay up-to-date.

Your projects exist in multiple web services. BigBoard allows you to connect them together for a more complete picture. Teams using BigBoard can stay on the same page without having to add status information or consult calendars. An activity record is taken from tools team members use, and logged into BigBoard via an API.

BigBoard is for teams running projects using tools like Basecamp, Google Calendar, Trello, Twitter, Harvest, HipChat, Sifter, GitHub, Beanstalk, Stripe, Twilio.

BigBoard is ideally used by small teams ranging from 1 - 12. Typical customers would be any teams running projects on our support services.

Last updated 4 Apr 2014