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A live streaming app that could well be the new Snapchat for the under thirties

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BIGO.LIVE Enables the Digital Generation to ‘Make Life More Interesting’ by Sharing Talent ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2016

It was Andy Warhol who came up with the quote back in the sixties that everybody wants to have their 15 minutes of fame. Before the digital age that was pretty much all the time they had to announce themselves to the world by showcasing themselves and their talents. Given the nature of the beast, most of them were shot down in flames pretty quickly and were never heard from again. However, given the way that the Internet works these days it's possible to put yourself out there for a lot longer and put yourself on the world stage - if you know the right paths to take.

Over the last couple of years there have been a few 'live streaming' apps that have caught on. First up there was Meerkat and pretty soon Periscope burst onto our lives. When Twitter bought that one, Facebook introduced their Live Video feature. But now there is another on the market that will appeal directly to a younger audience than any of those. BIGO.LIVE promises to 'make life more interesting' by enabling users to share their talents - whatever they may be - via this social streaming app for both Android and iOS.

With over 30 million subscribers already - mostly in Asia - BIGO is now planning to spread its wings over the rest of the world. The idea is to have users live stream their talents with the rest of the BIGO community whether they be social pranking, fashion and make-up tips, cooking tips...