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A live streaming app that could well be the new Snapchat for the under thirties

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BIGO.LIVE Enables the Digital Generation to ‘Make Life More Interesting’ by Sharing Talent ... More

Editor's review

Published 28 Oct 2016

It was Andy Warhol who came up with the quote back in the sixties that everybody wants to have their 15 minutes of fame. Before the digital age that was pretty much all the time they had to announce themselves to the world by showcasing themselves and their talents. Given the nature of the beast, most of them were shot down in flames pretty quickly and were never heard from again. However, given the way that the Internet works these days it's possible to put yourself out there for a lot longer and put yourself on the world stage - if you know the right paths to take.

Over the last couple of years there have been a few 'live streaming' apps that have caught on. First up there was Meerkat and pretty soon Periscope burst onto our lives. When Twitter bought that one, Facebook introduced their Live Video feature. But now there is another on the market that will appeal directly to a younger audience than any of those. BIGO.LIVE promises to 'make life more interesting' by enabling users to share their talents - whatever they may be - via this social streaming app for both Android and iOS.

With over 30 million subscribers already - mostly in Asia - BIGO is now planning to spread its wings over the rest of the world. The idea is to have users live stream their talents with the rest of the BIGO community whether they be social pranking, fashion and make-up tips, cooking tips, singing, dancing, funny animal tricks or anything else that may come to mind. The intent is to connect both creative types and viewers with a view to filling the digital airwaves with fun and friendship. Fans can tune in at any time of the day or night and see a variety of talented people strutting their stuff in real-time. They can also try a little social engagement using live chat - the aim being to help foster a talented worldwide community that is drawn from all walks of life.

The benefit for broadcasters here is that they can display their talents to a potentially huge audience, share their interests, interact with them in real-time and build up a substantial fan base. For viewers, they can stream and watch good quality live videos whenever they want, follow, interact and engage directly with their favorite performers and even send them virtual gifts to say thank you for their entertainment. They can even arrange to receive notifications of when their favorites are broadcasting so they don't miss out on a 'performance.'

Up until the Pokemon GO phenomena was unleashed on the world, BIGO.LIVE was at the top of the tree when it came to downloads in much of Southern Asia. One of the reasons for it's success was its appeal to teenagers and it has been described as the next big thing for that demographic after the Snapchat revolution. BIGO's interface is rather similar to Periscope though its intended audience seems to be younger. Most of the talent I viewed seemed to be of under thirties doing stuff in their homes. The ability to live chat brings it much closer to the Snapchat model with new and old friends happy to chat away spontaneously.

As with many apps these days, there is a game-like element and a 'leaderboard' for the most popular broadcasters. The more they participate by broadcasting, following other users and sending and receiving gifts, the more experience points they get. These points allow broadcasters to climb up the leaderboard and their streams are pushed to more and more viewers. All in all, the app serves our seemingly endless voyeuristic tendencies very nicely and I can see it rivaling its competitors sooner rather than later. It's available for Android, iPhone and iPad on their respective stores right now.

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