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Search and download songs and music videos for free in MP3 , MP4 and 3GP formats.

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Bigsong is one of the easiest ways to listen and to download music, videos free of charge. It is ... More

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Published 6 Sep 2011

Bigsong is an incredibly easy to use song and music video download app that allows you to search and download from the net for your favourite songs from one simple location free of charge. Utilizing a fast search engine it provides a quick and easy way to download quality MP3 and music videos from a database that has access to millions of files with another 20,000 added every day.

Bigsong doesn't host any files. It does, however, search the Internet and indexes all the new release titles so they are literally at your fingertips in a flash. Unlike less reputable file sharing sites Bigsong host any dodgy downloaded music. Most of the music videos are redirected from YouTube so the quality is excellent. The interface is incredibly simple and all you really need to know is the artist or title for the snappy search engine to come up with the goods. You can even type the cd title or even just a snippet of the lyrics in the box and it'll serve up what you are looking for. The front page features the most popular songs / videos of the moment and there's a lot of them.

There's very little I could say to denigrate Bigsong. Everything it says it can do it delivers. The interface is ridiculousy simple and oh-so-easy to use. The links all seemed to work for me and there are lots of alternatives of versions of songs or music videos to...