Developer description

BigWebStats is an online tool that provides detailed statistics about any website. Using its reliable stats of websites across the web, anyone can find out how their website compares to their competitors.

The statistics that BigWebStats showcases include visitors insights, social buzz, SEO basics, SEO on-page, SEO off-page, keyword rankings, domain information, similar websites, usability, security and technology insights. Among all this, the best part is that it's free! You can generate unlimited instant reviews and get statistics about any website and tips to optimize and monitor your website.

Also, BigWebStats uses its proprietary technology to give a BigScore to every website it reviews. The BigScore is based on a website review of 50 factors ranging from SEO to usability and social buzz. Far more than a number, BigScore is based on hundreds of sources of data which helps us evaluate the quality of a website.

BigWebStats gathers volumes of raw data from multiple sources and presents it to users in a clear format that allows them to quickly find the insights they need. Using the service is as easy as entering in the URL you want to analyze. After a couple of moments of gathering and processing data, BigWebStats displays the stats for you.

Last updated 23 Feb 2013

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