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With you can listen to all the top songs since the early 1900s! And Now with ... More

Editor's review

Published 15 Jul 2013

Let's just say for a start that whoever it was that took on this project of a music application has done an astonishing job. It started off as a pet project from a developer who loved listening to the music of the ages but was getting bored with seeing a song on the billboard charts, no matter what era, and having to hunt up a clip on YouTube or suchlike. So they developed this stand alone application where you can click on any song  that hit the billboard top 100 going back to 1946!!!! Pretty damned impressive, don't you think? is a completely free music and music video application that is literally drowning in music.
With you can not only listen to every top 100 song since 1946 but you can also listen to all the top songs since the early 1900s! And, in the true tradition of 'too good to be true' offers, you can also watch all the hottest charted music videos, too. It doesn't matter if you like the oldies or the new hits, because really does have music for every age. Have you ever wondered what music was playing in the year of your birth? Well billboard makes it a breeze to find out. was built because the developers simply got tired of scanning the billboard charts and looking up songs. They wanted one simple place where they could find all of the songs from each year without having to go back and forth over and over. It really is a nostalgic adventure to browse the music from each decade. The groundbreaking rock n roll of the 50's, the British invasion, Motown and the technological advances of people like Brian Wilson in the 60's, the 70's with its progressive rock, the sweet sounds of California and the abrasive sounds of punk. And then there was the 80's and all that beautifully coiffed hair of the New Romantics and the sound of Philadelphia. Then we have the phenomenal grunge sounds of the 90's and the rise of rap, R&B and soul music. This app pulls music  from the Billboard Hot 100 charts and updates the Hot 100 charts every week so you can listen to the latest top 100 songs. Each song has a description under the video so you can learn more about it. So if you've ever wanted a hot 100, or top song radio by year, you will love beta is truly a labor of love from one of the most trusted music organizations in the world. It delivers an outrageous array of thousands and thousands of pieces of music that stretch back to the beginning of the last century. If it hit the billboard top 100 since the end of WWII you will find it here and, if there is a video available, you'll find that here too. The app is pretty simple to use and features the classic billboard look to it. Change it's appearance to your personal needs and click on any of the songs or search for specific ones or particular year to see that the hit tunes were way back when. is a true labor of love that the music fan, no matter what age, will love.

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