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Simple, Efficient Bill Management and Payment for Businesses

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Save Over 50% of the Time and Cost of Handling and Paying Bills. automates tedious, ... More

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Published 13 Oct 2011

Have you ever stopped and thought how much better an old classic Wurlitzer Jukebox would look in your office than that grey bank of filing cabinets? They may be a source of entertainment for bean counters but let’s face it they’re uninteresting and they usually contain uninteresting stuff.’s approach recognizes that although this stuff may be uninteresting it is vital to your business. Being vital however doesn’t mean it has to take up half the floor space.

A web based virtual office from will not only let you bill your customers and collect their payments but also manage and pay vendor accounts. The system will even write a check on your behalf when online payment of a supplier invoice is not an option.

Invoices can be generated directly from the system or brought across from existing accounting software like QuickBooks and then sent electronically or printed and posted by They can then have automatic reminders set and tracked through the system until paid. All payment information is then synced back to the accounting system.

The days of sitting at your desk with an in-tray full of bills to pay and making sure that proper approval procedures have been followed can also be condemned to the same place as the filing cabinets. With every bill digitized you can access this vital information, approve payment or circulate it to others for approval no matter where you are by using your mobile device. And just like the...