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Published 20 Sep 2012

[cont'd] charges and other penalties can be avoided by knowing what you have to pay and by when you have to pay them. Simply import your scanned bills directly from your Shoeboxed account, import your expenses from Freshbooks or export your bills as expenses to be included in invoices you send to clients. Alternatively, you can import your account payables from Xero allowing you to receive notifications when bills are due. With BillDiary you get complete visibility and control over your spending with active charts, intuitive displays and recurring payments.
BillDiary features a very easy to use interface and its active alerts mean you'll always remember to pay on time. It's simple and intuitive with snappy flash charts and summaries and shows you just how much you owe in the next week, the next month or even the quarter. You even have the option to recieve weekly emails with a summary of all upcoming bills due to be paid. Now there is no excuse to avoid penalties, late-fees, and interest charges by paying your bills on time.