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An easier way to manage money in shared households

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Keep every body happy and stop arguments over money in shared households:

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Published 15 Sep 2011

Anyone in a house-share situation, and I’m particularly thinking students here but it could apply to anyone, might find this app useful as a means of cutting out arguments and disputes surrounding shared bills.

It’s free and can be set up by any of the housemates who then invites the others to join in and accept via their email account. By joining they get access to the account and can enter details of any of the bills they deal with personally.

It’s simple to use and based on a member entering a bill and then indicating the proportion of the split. In most cases this will be an equal split between housemates but other scenarios can be catered for. There is also an option to mark recurring bills within the system.

When a bill is entered all housemates receive an email showing what’s due and when. The person settling the bill can also add their bank details for payment of the contributions which can be by any method including PayPal.

The first page dashboard of the app shows a simple breakdown of who owes what to whom within the group, a list of recent bills and payments and a wall for simple messaging.

A stats page is included and gives a useful breakdown of household category usage showing where the money is going and also breaks down each housemate’s contribution to the bills to date which could be a good or a bad thing depending on what the house rules...