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BillShrink is a free, personalized savings service for everyday services like wireless and ... More

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Published 8 Sep 2011 is a completely free on-line app that lets you search for possible savings on a number of things that you use in your everyday life. In particular they cover wireless services, credit cards, gas stations, and television services (at beta stage).

The functions and interface are all very user friendly and clutter free and signing in for an account just requires a name, email address and password. Once into the system you will need to answer a few questions on usage and volumes for all of the areas they cover.

If you’re looking for a better deal on your cellphone then the first steps are to enter your current service provider and your monthly costs. The system then takes you through to another page where more detailed information is requested on usage, features preferred, lines required, whether you use text and email and also if you want the price of a new phone included. You can of course import your current phone bill if it’s in electronic format.

The site will then return a number of cost saving suggestions from various carriers with the amount of the potential savings clearly shown.

For gas savings you can enter your address and that of a regular journey like your daily commute. Add to that the make, year and model of your car plus how much gas you usually buy and hit go. The information comes back in map format with gas stations highlighted along the route and recommendations of where...