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Yes, you can now talk in binary, it's simple and fun. Are you 0111001001100101011000010110010001111001?
This app will let you translate binary to text and vice-versa. A simple translator, just for you.

Binary Talk is an application that lets you dialogue in binary.

Enter your text in the left tab to convert it to binary.

From this point you can copy this translation in order to share it in the application of your choice or simply send it through SMS directly by pushing the button Send It !

The second tab lets you convert back the binary code into text.

This is a fast binary code translator, the only one you need to understand and talk in binary code.

The application is free and translated in many languages.

This application offers you :

◆A simple and intuitive interface
◆A quick and robust converter. Convert and ready binary easily.
◆Many shortcuts to copy, paste and send your messages quicker

If confidentiality of your messages is important, Binary Talk is for you

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Last updated 29 Sep 2015

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