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Published 2 Jun 2021

[cont'd] up to four bingo cards on the screen at any given time in portrait view for easy convenience. Players can simply flip from one card to the next in a flash with no need to physically switch back and forth between screens. With no visual distractions, all the player has to concentrate on are the bingo cards in front of them. 

Bingo Play features the same exciting gameplay as when played live with the screen showing your current bingo cards, the number calls and your current earnings. You can opt for a silent number call and turn off the sound with just a click. Selected numbers will then just appear on the screen as 'called.' If you prefer a faster and smoother game, then simply select either the Auto-Daub or Fast Call feature for access. You can 'bet' on each card and even win extra prizes when you place higher bets. When you test your luck you have the chance to win 4 times on each bingo card.

Bingo Play is one of the simplest and easiest to play games on the app market. The app is free to play and, while there are ads, there aren't many of them so they won't distract too much. You'll start off with a free batch of virtual coins and you can earn more by watching short videos, through in-app purchases and by winning the game. You can even shout 'Bingo' when you win. However, I...