Developer description

Bipsync provides a research automation platform to maximize the productivity of professional investors. The platform combines the effortless note-taking of Evernote and the collaborative repository management of GitHub with integrated data services into a gorgeous, super-secure package that streamlines the research process – enabling faster, more effective, and more consistent investment decisions.
Professional Investors need intuitive tools to gather & access information anywhere from any device, accelerate routine investment research tasks and intelligently manage their pipeline of ideas. But they have always faced a difficult choice between intuitive-but-risky consumer software or safe-but-confusing enterprise software. The IT security and compliance requirements are beyond anything consumer-focused software hosted on the public cloud can provide. At the same time, traditional financial software is notoriously complex and clunky.
Bipsync bridges the gap, meeting the technical demands of the enterprise with the usability and polish of popular consumer software. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 by experienced investors and software developers at Stanford University, the company uses modern technologies and user-centered design to speed up data capture, automate research maintenance and identify insights that drive better decisions for investors and funds.

Last updated 14 Dec 2014

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