Developer description

Many people are curious to know the facts regarding, what their life have for them, how much strong is their relation with partner, what should be ideal weight and many more. Finding the answers regarding social life, health status and relationship is not easy for everyone. Hence, here is “Real Life Calculator app” that can run on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. This app is compatible with iOS3.1 or later. Real Life Calculator app comes with various features that make your calculation easier. Whether it is a scientific calculation, health tracking or partner compatibility status, this app gives the perfect picture and helps you transform the lifestyle. It has an interactive theme and user-friendly functionality that give the relevant answer regarding all your queries. Real Life Calculator is one of the best apps for people, who are considerate about knowing the effectiveness of relationship, social behavior, etc. This application is programmed with superb logic, hence it can give the best answer.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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