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Send fabulous e-cards and add a monetary gift with your greeting

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birdegreetings is an app where you can send custom e-cards with pictures, GIFS, signatures, ... More

Editor's review

Published 14 Sep 2018


When was the last time you actually went into a shop and bought a greetings card? Was it for Christmas? A birthday? Valentine's Day? Do you remember how much you paid for it? It's expensive. While not wishing to be looked upon as a bit of a cheapskate, I find it rather bizarre to have to fork out around five bucks for a bit of mass-produced cardboard with a stock photo and a few words on it. Then there's postage on top, of course. To give you an idea how popular they are, it's expected that Americans will spend around $860 million on about 150 million Valentine cards next February. That averages out to $5.70 per card. It's no wonder that e-cards are becoming so popular.

However, like everything else these days, the convenience and flexibility of the mobile phone is changing the way we live - and that includes the humble greetings card. In the past, e-cards have tended to be perceived as a lesser version of the paper greetings card. Now, though, we have an online equivalent that offers beautiful e-cards and a whole lot more. 

Bird-e greetings is a new app for both Android and iOS where you can send custom made e-cards with pictures and animations, GIFS, signatures, custom messages - and even money -  to the ones that you love and care for. There are ready made cards for all sorts of greetings whether it be Christmas, birthday or just a simple thank you. This great looking app makes it simple and fast to send personalized, realistic greeting cards from your phone to your family and friends - and anyone else - via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS. Of course, there are plenty of sites where you can do most of that, I hear you say. But what sets bird-e greetings apart from the others is the ability to send money with your e-card. 

The app is an easy one to use with a simple step-by-step creation. After you've signed up you can begin by selecting the category of card you are looking for. Either choose a picture from the inbuilt gallery or one from your smartphone camera roll. Add a customised message to personalise your card as well as your hand-written signature. If you wish, you can add a cash gift to surprise them wherever they are in the world and put a smile on their face with an exclusive animated sticker. Then you can send it off via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. 

Bird-e greetings is a very convenient way to surprise your loved ones with a greetings card that's at least as good as a paper card but with the added bonus in that you can include a monetary gift. You won't have to go to the shops and look through thousands of cards, you won't have to fork out five bucks for the card and there's no need to head off to the post office to send it off. You can do everything from the comfort of your mobile phone. bird-e greetings is available now for free - with in app purchases - for Android' iPhone, iPad and the other usual iOS devices on the App Store. 


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