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Send fabulous e-cards and add a monetary gift with your greeting

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birdegreetings is an app where you can send custom e-cards with pictures, GIFS, signatures, ... More

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Published 14 Sep 2018


When was the last time you actually went into a shop and bought a greetings card? Was it for Christmas? A birthday? Valentine's Day? Do you remember how much you paid for it? It's expensive. While not wishing to be looked upon as a bit of a cheapskate, I find it rather bizarre to have to fork out around five bucks for a bit of mass-produced cardboard with a stock photo and a few words on it. Then there's postage on top, of course. To give you an idea how popular they are, it's expected that Americans will spend around $860 million on about 150 million Valentine cards next February. That averages out to $5.70 per card. It's no wonder that e-cards are becoming so popular.

However, like everything else these days, the convenience and flexibility of the mobile phone is changing the way we live - and that includes the humble greetings card. In the past, e-cards have tended to be perceived as a lesser version of the paper greetings card. Now, though, we have an online equivalent that offers beautiful e-cards and a whole lot more. 

Bird-e greetings is a new app for both Android and iOS where you can send custom made e-cards with pictures and animations, GIFS, signatures, custom messages - and even money -  to the ones that you love and care for. There are ready made cards for all sorts of greetings whether it be Christmas, birthday or...