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Published 28 Nov 2011

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful way to give your marketing activity a bit of a boost then this simple little app might well be worth considering. The only issue as far as I can see is that you’ll have to know the dates of your customer’s birthdays as well as their mobile phone numbers to make use of it.

For places such as restaurants, clubs and hair and beauty salons, Birthday Gorilla represents a low cost method of spreading some goodwill and at the same time drumming up some additional business from the customer base. From a technical angle it couldn’t be any simpler either.

The whole thing is based on an online calendar and when you click on a date a pop-up box appears where you can enter the customer name, phone number and personalized message. There is also a space for you to add a coupon which is where the real marketing aspect comes in and these can be for anything such as discounts on next visits and money off particular products, all on presentation of the birthday wishes text message.

All of the details loaded onto the calendar can be viewed on the schedule list that appears beneath it and edited whenever necessary. All scheduled birthday entries are sent automatically by the system on the relevant day meaning that once you’ve loaded them you can forget about them.

For 25 cents a text (with your first 3 free) it certainly gives the smaller businesses around a leg-up to the world of mobile marketing.


The simplicity of this one, along with the low relative cost, should make it an attractive proposition for many types of business. These businesses just have to remember to ask their customers for their birthday details though.


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