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Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies with this fun and risk free Bitcoin simulator game

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Published 16 Apr 2019

[cont'd] in US dollars, the Euro and British pounds. You'll be able to see how things are progressing using both candlestick and line charts with options for the amount you wish to virtually invest along with the leverage to increase profits as well as buy and sell buttons. All completely risk free. You'll learn how to invest in the top 18 digital currencies and you'll find out the best way to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as Ether and other Altcoins whilst experiencing the sheer buzz that traders get from trading in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. You can choose to trade (in real time) in Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Dashcoin DASH, Ripple XRP, Monero, Stellar, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, NEM, NEO, NANO, ZCASH, Tron, Vechain, STEEM &  Dodgecoin.

Bitcoins are a dangerous thing to deal with if you haven't done your homework. One of the great Bitcoin stories concerns a dealer named Jared Kenna who bought his first batch of coins for a mere 20 cents each and traded then for about $258 each some time later. Unfortunately, Kenna lost about $200,000 in 2010 when he reformatted his drive. There was another story recently of a Canadian businessman who had $145 million of cryptocurrency locked away in his digital wallet and he was the only one with the password. When he died at the end of last year, it was all lost because no one knew the password so couldn...