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A Feedmyapp exclusive: 10MG of free storage for this complete business management app

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Published 16 Feb 2014

Our friends at Bitrix24 have a special offer purely for FeedMyApp readers that will give you 10GB of extra Bitrix24 storage.
Here's how to claim your free 10GB Bitrix24 account.
Go to and enter your e-mail. When you confirm your e-mail address, you'll be forwarded to a registration form. You'll see a Ā«I Have PromocodeĀ» button in the lower right corner.
Enter FEEDMYAPP there and, after refreshing your browser, you'll see your available storage space expand to 10 GB. Simple and very useful...and free!
When we reviewed the first release of this excellent business intranet application last year you might remember us singing it's praises from many rooftops. Essentially, it's a social network just like the Facebook that we all know, love(?) and are familiar with - but the difference here is that Bitrix24 is built for a work environment. Now the developers have upgraded the app specifically for iOS. Now you can easily log in to your totally safe and secure business social intranetwork whenever you want and from wherever you can get an Internet connection. Bitrix24 creates a unified work space for companies of all sizes and is absolutely free for businesses with 12 or less users.
Bitrix24 is a cloud-based social intranet that enhances internal information exchange and communications and gives you a complete set of business tools into a single, intuitive interface. It handles the many aspects of daily business operations and tasks and, with this new update, its now gone iOS friendly. The real beauty of this app though, is that your workers will already be totally familiar with the mobile social networking concept. With so many users having Facebook on their mobile they will be completely au fait with the same model being used for their own company. Now you can simply log on to Bitrix24 on your iPhone or your very user-friendly iPad during work hours and switch to your Facebook account when your work day is over. Amongst the many great features this clean and simple to use, cloud-based app boasts are all those things vital to a good CRM including easy file and document sharing, subdivisions for creating tasks and projects, easy internal communication, calendars as well as its more 'social' aspect.  It offers a wonderful overview of all your business projects via the project management, document manager, public and private messaging,  photo galleries as well as  plenty of other cool features.
To be quite honest, there is nothing to touch this set of project management intranet tools on the market at the moment - especially for this price. As amazing as it sounds, it is possible to run your whole business from your iPad or iPhone and have access to it 365 days a year and every minute of every day and only you and your colleagues can gain access. The basic plan is completely free for 12 users or less but, at under a hundred bucks a month for larger users it is still a very wise investment. This plan also gives you a heap more features including your own domain name and reports galore. The app is one of the easier project management tools we've used and it's security features are second to none. Bitrix24 improves the efficiency of your team by offering a very flexible communication and collaboration intranet for your business that is hard to beat.

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