Developer description

Ever wondered if you could mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from your phone? Now with the free-to-play addicting android arcade-style game, Bit Rover, you can do just that. Bit Rover combines everything you love about cryptocurrencies with an exciting arcade game where you can actually mine cryptos. Take on your next crypto adventure with Bit Rover.

The deeper you dig the more real cryptocurrencies you will find! In Bit Rover, you can watch the real market value of those coins you earned! And yes, you can cash out your earnings for REAL CASH via PayPal.

By upgrading your Bit Rover, you will be able to dig deeper, discover new cryptocurrencies, and mine more quickly. Mining these different currencies diversifies your wallet and combat the extreme crypto volatility. Play your cards right and maybe you could be the next crypto millionaire!

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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