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Bittle is a BI solution which is accessible online as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. ... More

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Published 30 Nov 2011

If looks are anything to go by then this one is right up there in respect of the visual impact that the various dashboards project. If you run a business and are fed up with having to decipher the spreadsheets provided by your departments then there is a very good chance that what you want can be found here. In fact you don’t even have to be running a business to make use of bittle-solutions, just a desire to see your data analysed and presented in a dashboard format.

The site currently has dashboard solutions covering sales, finance, HR, purchases and IT and by logging into your account and choosing the relevant metrics from the library you’ll be able to enter the raw data for analysis for whatever it is you require some business intelligence for. Alternatively you can send the data in a file format to be analyzed by the site which will then highlight and suggest the required metrics.

From the examples that are available to see without signing up the resulting dashboards look great and have all of the pertinent questions covered. For instance the sales dashboard will cover areas such as conversion rates and average deal sizes along with order status and the overall effectiveness of the sales force.

In addition to having a pre-configured library of metrics to choose from the site has some customizable aspects to it giving you the opportunity to create your own KPI’s. All of the dashboard information generated can of...