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Published 29 Apr 2014

[cont'd] across stores instantly. Schedule staff rosters quickly and compare the scheduled hours with your shift targets as you create them. Staff can decide themselves who is available to take a shift and accept the shift on their mobile. Rosters can be emailed to the relevant parties and your staff can easily check in from their mobile device. Employees can simply 'clock-in' and their shift time is confirmed and details sent automatically to payroll. The system is flexible enough to create custom shifts for staff who are working unusual hours - until close or on holidays - with each department having a separate schedule that can be updated and changed when needed. 
Bizimply is the perfect opportunity for retail stores and restaurants to throw away the spreadsheets and move their daily business management into the 21st Century - whether they have one store or 100. It simplifies and organizes all your day-to-day business, from assigning staff shifts and time tracking to analyzing results - and turns scheduling into a breeze. Shift times are sent automatically - making you payroll ready  - and shift diaries are always correct and up-to-date. Bizimply is a very user-friendly app that helps your employees all stay on the same page while allowing you to stay up to date whether you are in the office or on your mobile.