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Published 24 Jun 2013

Customer Relations Management tools are two a penny when it comes to business apps. There are a squillion of them available.  Most of them, though, are fairly generic and filled with heaps of extra features that will probably never be used. So the next generation of CRM applications that are starting to come through are much more specific in their objectives. All these added extras are just fine when you are a big businesses with the resources and time to put them into practice but, if you are in the business of targeting a particular market, then a simpler, tighter and more specialized CRM would be far more beneficial to most - no matter what their size. BiznessCRM is one of this next breed and is designed for companies that specialize in selling their product or service to small or medium sizes businesses. This Android and iOS application offers the right tools as well as the specific analytics and pathways to make selling more straightforward.
BiznessCRM is the only customer relations management app on the market at the moment that is specifically designed for companies selling to small businesses. It clearly and concisely organizes all the local leads from relevant industries before narrowing them down more precisely based on your personalized criteria. It also also features a very user-friendly sales pipeline that tracks your sales easily and without the added confusion of the many extra features found in other CRMs. You can, however download the app and track your sales while on the go and while you are out on the road. Discover new leads amongst your local small to medium sized businesses that are most active in self marketing and gives you the chance to boost your sales using business insights that your competitors haven't picked up on yet.  BiznessCRM is simple to use and free to try out as well as being the only CRM that is built specifically for companies whose objective is to target and sell to small businesses.
BiznessCRM is one of the next generation of management apps that are geared to a much more defined set of criteria. They may not look quite so impressive in terms of features but, in actual fact, they end up saving you time and money with their goal specificity. This one points all it's fingers in the direction of the small businesses out there that could want to buy your product or service. You can hone in on businesses that do their own marketing and target them specifically to buy from you. You can narrow your criteria down to specific industries and locations and import hundreds of new potential clients into your sales pipeline with ease using this user friendly and cost effective, software-as-a-service CRM application that can be kept on your smartphone or tablet as well as your PC.

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