Developer description

Bizroof platform is a collaborative customer relationship management (CRM) and events scheduling system, which is the best way to store, organize and share the useful information collected from interactions with customers.

People are contacts in your address book. Make it easy to have an intimate knowledge of your customers’ needs, wants, and buying patterns.
Organizations are companies, associations, groups and other social arrangements. Everyone from an organization are in one place and providing the best picture of their collective goals.
Events are meetings, tasks, projects and other social activities. Almost certainly the best event tracking and event chain monitoring system. Simply and functional.
Users have usernames and passwords so they can log in. Share your address book, events and all other business activities with your colleagues and friends.
Tags connects people, organizations and events. It is flexible and easy to keep related stuff together.
Add-ons extend Bizroof, letting you personalize your business management experience.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010