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Editor's review

Published 7 Jan 2012

If you love shopping for great deals online then Bizspeaking could well be a social application you will want to have a good look at. With this deal app you can connect with fellow shoppers around the world and see the items they have bought and presented. Compare prices from all over the world and, might be cheaper to buy it from where they are rather than where you are. Then you can share your goodies via your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Bizspeaking describes itself as the Twitter for real deals from real people. It is a social and deal app that gets you connected with fellow buyers from around the world to discover and share the true value of everything and from everywhere. This easy to use app only really has a few movable parts but they move quite freely. Check out the new products being featured on the front page or delve a little deeper into specific types of items where you will find a detailed description and picture. Or maybe you want to peruse the popular deals or follow a specific person because you like their taste. To get involved yourself is just a button click away. Input details of your bargain deal and you are part of the team. Bizspeaking also offers a Facebook App for you to checkout what your friends have bought and show off your purchases.
If I were to have a problem with Bizspeaking it would be with it's rather confused layout and lack of design but I guess that's not really what it's about anyway. The more important bits are the prices of the goodies being bought by your social friends all around the world. While it's not going to set the world on fire with it's flashy graphics and eye-catching design, Bizspeaking is a free deal app that achieves all it sets out to do and you can't argue with that, can you?

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