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Why choose this application versus similar mobile business applications on the market? Because…This application works automatically! You don’t have to start it every day to enter your clients, the time, or mileage. Imagine getting detailed reports of your business interactions and travels without the drudgery of typing in every detail! This second generation application does it for you! Using GPS based technology, this application automatically registers the time spent at work or client’s locations, including travel information. Use this information to generate invoices or timecards, or display in visualization tools to maximize time investment in leads or clients.
Great business application to keep track of the time spent at work or client’s locations. Unlike similar applications that require you to manually enter every movement, this application automatically records when you enter and leave work, or a client’s location, how long you spend at the location, even your travel time between locations. Simply enter the location of interest once, and the application will automatically document your visits. Fully configurable, you define what happens when you enter or leave a location, whether that is making an audible sound, vibrating, sending email, or just recording the event.
All of this information can be loaded into spreadsheets or invoicing applications to easily generate invoices or timecards, or you can load your data to the cloud using Dropbox or Google Drive. Includes visualization tools to help understand your business, identify trends, show your strengths and weaknesses, visualize your goals, and assist you in achieving them.
Use this application to:
1. Automatically keeps track of when you enter or leave work or a client’s location
2. Automatically register travel time to and from work or client’s locations
3. Export and share data to easily generate timecards or invoices
4. Automatically track business travel and mileage for T&E
5. Automatically manage contacts, track leads, and client visits
6. Use visualization tools to maximize your investment in your leads or clients (e.g., how often do you visit each client? How much time do you spend? Are you focusing on the right leads? Is your time investment paying off?)
7. Export and share your visit and travel information
8. Visualize data using a wide selection of graphs, or overlay the data on a map
9. Automate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales prospect and pipeline management, monitor sales force visits, and track customer touch Users of this application include: consultants, sales people, truck drivers, delivery, support, technicians, contractors, lawyers, freelancers, and contractors to name a few.
Note - Invoice add-on coming soon

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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