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Developer description

Have you ever wanted a simple dice tool in the palm of your hand? Black Dice is the new way to roll, with the most used types of dice in RPG games just a thumb’s reach away. This app can be used as a backup tool for the physical dice or even as a full replacement if you want to go full-digital.
Black Dice is very easy to use, just select the type of dice and tap at it to roll, you’ll see instantly results for the rolling and modifier. This app has some quick tap hidden features that make it even easier to roll the dice:
- Hold down the dice to change the multiplier of the dice (goes from x2 to x5 and back to single dice)
- Hold down the modifier to clear the modifier and go back to regular rolls.
- Hold down the display to clear your rolls
- Hold down custom to make a custom roll (1-9 dice, 1-99 sides, +999/-999 per roll, +999/-999 after total roll)

Black Dice is a must tool for RPG players so don't play games such as "Magic: The Gathering" without this.

Last updated 16 May 2014