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Black Screen of the Internet. An Example of Mimimal Useful Web-application.

In this article you will learn how small but still useful a web-application can be. Here is the description of an example of such web-application:

What do you do when you want to relax your brain during computer work?

Usually you allow your attention to wander for short period of time: visiting facebook or other social networks, reading news, reading funny stories etc. But sometimes your attention is caught for too long, right? Sometimes this wandering consumes a lot of time and your brain sticks to such information which is useless for your current work, and after that sometimes you even blame yourself for such a long distractions. Familiar isn't it?

There is a solution! can help you to divert your attention away for short period of time and give your eyes a rest in a "clean" way: without overloading yourself with unnecessary information and without a danger for your attention to be caught by such information. Just open, see a beautiful random photo (taken from the collection of most interesting photos on for a several seconds and then give your eyes a rest. Absolutely enough to divert your attention away and then get back to things that you need to do!

If one introductory photo was not enough, refresh (CRTL + R) the page a few times! Every time you see a new photo.

P.S. The screen is black, but in the upper right corner is a small plus sign ;-)

Last updated 3 Aug 2012